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2019-11-12 21:25:06 | Profile
This song cuts me down to the core. Bitches can be triflin

Spiritual Monk

2019-03-20 05:04:51 | Profile
The reason this man is my favorite country singer. He writes damn near all of his own music.

Concrete Tundra

2018-10-21 04:32:50 | Profile
Luved it then...luv it more now!

Nico Schultz

2018-10-20 18:41:26 | Profile
Fred Herbert brought me here

Alice D.

2018-10-20 11:32:41 | Profile
so many times I thought this, but I was lying to myself, I knew the truth, no turning back, and I have no regrets, I got the greatest gift, our son, I call him mine....

Haster Delvecchia

2018-10-20 02:39:36 | Profile
A guy can cheat and woman can too its what is going on with the situations i left my ex because i caught him texting other females and wanting to get with them so i played my cards right and i let a sweet talkin guy into my life


2018-10-19 21:29:12 | Profile
The music video was filmed in black-and-white, and it was directed by Marc Ball. It featured Keith singing the song in a dark house, while raining outside. Scenes also feature him, socializing with a girlfriend and at times other couples and bar patrons. It premiered nationally on March 4, 1994 on CMT, where CMT named it a "Hot Shot" video of the week.


2018-10-19 19:40:30 | Profile
I am totally in love with Toby Keith he is the epitomey of manliness